Biopsy Before Brushing Teeth

Balloons from Will, Libby, Kelsey and Kasey

Our day started bright and early. I woke up with LJ squirming for 30 seconds followed by a team of nurses coming in her room to prepare her for the O.R. (operating room). We knew today was biopsy day, but I had no idea the procedure was going to occur before I could brush my teeth. Apparently the surgeon team does not care that I am not a morning person.

St. Louis Children's Hospital

Regardless, the team at St. Louis Children’s Hospital has been amazing. LJ has literally been in the express lane. We truly feel like VIPs.

The biopsy procure went as well as it possibly could. However, the results were not as pleasant.

We do NOT have the final results, NOR do we have the preliminary results. All we have right now is the surgeon’s educated guess. And here it is…

Lucy’s “mass” appears to be a teratoma. The surgeon’s opinion at this point is that there are benign parts and malignant parts of the mass.

Deep breath.

This is her view of the ARCH and STL from her room.
This is her view of the ARCH and STL from her room.

So now you are probably wondering what we do now. Well, we wait. We wait until early next week for the results and our marching orders. We wait to find out what our “new normal” feels like, as one of the nurses explained. We wait to find out what’s it’s like to parent a baby with the ‘C’ word. We wait on that…

For now, we are going to enjoy our time with our sweet baby girl. We are going to rejoice that there will be a way to “fix” this monster inside of her. We are going to push the pause button this weekend and kiss on her sweet cheeks. We are going to take pictures and cherish every minute.

Lucy Jo on biopsy day

For now, we keep praying.

Psalm 46:10: Be still, and know that I am God


15 thoughts on “Biopsy Before Brushing Teeth

  1. I graduated with Margaret. I can’t imagine what you are going through but our Lord does & he will guard your baby with all his love. Will b praying for a miracle.


  2. Melody there are so many scriptures I would like to tell you like “Fear Not” and “I can do all things through Christ that strengtheneth me” yet you know these and more. I just know if we start a prayer chain for Lucy, God will hear our prayers and will answer them according to His will. We lift your family up in the name of Jesus asking for complete healing of little Lucy. May you find comfort and strength in the days to come to handle any situation. Lean on us (your family and friends) when the need arises. May God keep you in His care. Much love. Richard and Janie


  3. Hey! I’m a friend of Angela Drause. She has talked about you guys and shared your request for prayers. I will definitely be praying for all of you. God is bigger than anything. Prayer is extremely powerful.

    My 4th child was born with Tetralogy of Fallotb(TOF) and has had 2 open heart I can empathize with all of you. It is scary it is not fun, it is hard. Without faith and prayer we would not have made it through that difficult time.

    You are blessed beyond measure. Although we can’t see HIS ultimate goal for your sweet baby, there is a plan. I just encourage you and your family to be a great living testament and to lift HIM up during this so that others can learn from you…..and HE will be glorified.

    Praying for you and want to keep posted on your blog! God bless!


  4. My heart goes out to all of you! I can remember when our daughter Courtney was diagnosed with Leukemia (AAL, Very high risk). Your day goes from normal to a terrible nightmare! It sounds like you have a great support group surrounding you. Stay strong and we all will be praying for you!


  5. I seen this on Facebook. I understand what you are going threw. My 3 year oLD has grade 2 brain cancer. Hang in there. Stay strong for that baby. Trust the doctors. But trust in God. Its ok to cry and have break downs. I have them all the time. I try not to do it in front of my daughter. Its going to be hard. Make lots of memory’s. Remember God is in control. No matter what happens.. You guys will be in my prayers..


    1. I am Jason Brigmans Mother…Good friends with Matt and Chrissy and your Mother Susie…God will take care of you and your sweet baby. girl Lucy…we never understand why this happens but we pray and pray again….God Bless all of you….please keep us posted…you are always in our thoughts and prayers…


  6. Like is full of changes. Sometimes so small we don’t even see them and other time they are life’s wake up call. Be strong you have many family and friends that are strong Christian people holding you up. We can not remove the load but we can all lift you up and help you carry it. Lean into God’s arms and he will do the rest. That may sound easy but I know how hard that always is. God has made a way for you.


  7. we are all praying for a very special little girl named lucy have a great support group with your family and all your friends.I AM SURE gOD WILL TAKE CARE OF THIS BEAUTIFUL LITTLE ANGLE…..


  8. When my son was 8 years old he was in a terrific car accident while riding a bike. He sustained a horrific head injury and all the doctors said if he even survived it, he would have massive brain injury. My son is 35 years old today and if there is anything wrong, only the good Lord knows. Miracles happen all the time, In fact, I saw two of the doctors who worked on my son skipping down the hall with their arms linked, praising our Father for the miracle. She is in his hands and in my families prayers. She is beautiful!


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