You Can Smile… It’s Allowed

Everyone keeps reminding me that God never gives us more than we can handle. Well apparently he threw us a bone today.

Our new normal consists of small victories.

Like Lucy Jo’s first Popsicle.


This monster inside of her is keeping her from being hungry, so she doesn’t want to eat. She’s getting an IV of fluids and electrolytes, which you would think is good enough. It’s not. She needs to keep her digestive organs and muscles moving. So we had a speech therapist work with us to see if we could get her to eat something.

We are trying everything. Even a Popsicle!

Before the afternoon was over, she drank 4.5 ounces of grape Pedialite. Yes, grape – her papa’s favorite flavor. Immediately after eating she was burping, tooting and even pooping.

We’ve never been so happy to see POOP!

PicsArt_1425083079729PicsArt_1425084853257PicsArt_1425086858154 Thanks Aunt Joyce!

One thought on “You Can Smile… It’s Allowed

  1. SO praying for you! I can’t help but cry every time I think of that precious baby girl and all the trials she will go through! I also beg God to comfort you and Marc and little one at home. Your new ” normal” is heart wrenching for those of us here in NLR. May He pour tons of peace, rest, love and giggles and slurpy kisses on y’all!!


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