Time to Face the Music


Lucy Jo’s biopsy results came in this weekend and it’s time to face the music. She officially has cancer. So for the purpose of keeping myself composed, I am going to stick to the facts.

Diagnosis: She has a malignant Germ Cell Tumor (GCT) and a benign teratoma tumor (it’s 1 mass)

Chemotherapy/Surgery Plan:

  • She will have 4 cycles of chemotherapy
    • Each 21-day-cycle consists of one week where she will receive chemo therapy and medication followed by two recovery weeks.
    • The first week will be in the hospital
    • The following 2 weeks will be at home
  • She will get a CT scan after the 4 cycles. If all goes according to plan, she will have the remaining tumor removed via surgery.
  • After the surgery, she will have 2 more cycles of chemo.
  • Note: If her body does not recover properly (white blood cell count does not rise) the next cycle will be delayed. If she gets an infection, virus, etc., the cycle will also be delayed.

Time Frame: For estimation purposes, we are looking at 6-8 months.

Next Steps: She will get a port or a broviac catheter tomorrow. If they put it in tomorrow morning, she will also receive her first chemo treatment.

Other Facts:

  • The chemo therapy plan has a high percentage of success.
  • She will continue to be on pain medication.
  • They also have medication for every painful side affect.

We will try to answer questions if we can. At this point, we are still learning and gathering information. Please continue to pray. It’s the best thing you can do for my little girl. Marc and I are continually overwhelmed by how much love and generosity we have received during the last week. We are certainly not alone and I don’t know how anyone could do it any other way. Thank you so much for holding our hands.

God created this beautiful girl perfectly. He has a plan for her. We just have to follow the plan, right?


5 thoughts on “Time to Face the Music

  1. Oh, Melody, I truly hate reading this. I’m so sorry. I’m lifting you, your sweet girl and your family up in prayer. Lucy Jo sure is lucky that she has such an awesome mama.


  2. I will be holding L.J. and your family up in prayer. With God all things are possible. It breaks my heart to think of her in pain. I am kind of partial even though I have not met her because of her name. She is a beautiful little girl. God’s Grace is sufficient. With Much Love and Prayers! ~vicki~


  3. Lucy is very strong like her mommy and daddy. You guys are great people and you have a super family and lots and lots of super friends, we are all praying and are here to help you guys no matter what. We love you guys so much.


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