Mixed Emotions

I have mixed emotions. In fact “mixed” is an understatement.

I’m nervous. A broviac is a direct line to her heart. It’s ridiculously important to keep it clean and sanitary. We are talking beyond Clorox wipes.

I’m relieved. It’s been a long time to sleep in uncomfortable places.

I’m thankful. Everyone has shown us so much love in so many ways. (Thanks for cleaning my house! You know who you are!)

I’m hopeful. She’s shown so much progress already.

I’m tired. Enough said.

I’m anxious. I’m ready to squeeze Charlie.

I’m scared. Keeping my child safe is on a whole new level.

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

She’s so worth it.



One thought on “Mixed Emotions

  1. I can just tell you are a wonderful mother and you will do just fine. Our children never come with instructions and especially when they are sick. We as mothers, should hold you up in prayer and let you concentrate on L.J. and Charlie. I wish I could take part of your anxiousness and nervousness away. Heaven knows I am that way all the time and a bit more would not hurt me. Lean on your mama and she will be strong for you. If there is anything, anytime I can do please do not hesitate to ask. ~vicki~


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