Ready to Go Home


On the topic of LJ…
we are two cycles down and we have two more to go before her surgery. It’s been a tough week and a good week. Lucy Jo learned to say “bye-bye-bye” while waving and we found out that the tumor has shrunk by 20 percent. She has smiled a lot and she’s been such a trooper.

On the flip side…
her stomach has hurt worse this round. She’s vomited a couple of times. Her tummy has cramped several times. She’s a little more irritable when she’s had enough.

On a personal note…
I’m tired. Hospital living is exhausting for anyone. It’s even more exhausting when you are taking care of a baby in the hospital. I wake up every movement like she’s a newborn. I’m on my feet all of the time to make sure she’s not pulling her IV. She can’t get down and crawl, so I am constantly moving her to an exersaucer to the crib to a wagon – all to keep her occupied. (When I say ‘I’… it’s me and my mom.) Lucy’s not a real good napper at home and she’s a worse napper in the hospital.

I hate complaining on my blog and I hate being a downer, but I’m really ready to be home. I hate this monster inside her. I hate that she is going through this. And to be honest… I hate that I’m going through this too.


3 thoughts on “Ready to Go Home

  1. Ugh, I can’t imagine how tough it is for all of you. But just think, you’re half way done! Meanwhile, my whole little church is praying for you all and were happy to hear that the tumor is getting smaller.


  2. I wish there was someway to
    Make if easier on lj and on you. I believe it is ok to be angry. Be ye angry and sin not. I have lost loved ones to cancer and being the caretaker is terribly hard. I have not dealt with a baby or child. I cannot imagine. My prayers are always with all
    Of u.


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