Tired Eyes

These are my tired eyes.

I spend my days worrying about my kids. I worry about them from the time I get up until I go to

bed. Let’s get real. I dream about them too and I get up multiple times a night with LJ, so I worry about them 24/7. I worry so much that I put EVERYTHING on the back burner.

I had a realization last night. I can’t do 24/7. I’ve done it for 9 weeks now and I’ve gained 9 lbs. Yep, that’s the truth. It’s brutal on a 5’1 frame.

My hypothyroidism is out of control. I’m out of control. I eat crap all day long. I’m literally addicted to chocolate. ADDICTED. I have to have it every 2-3 hours or I can’t concentrate. Pathetic.

So, I’m done. I went to Weight Watchers last night. I called the doctor and I’m getting blood work to get a game plan for my thyroid. I’ve drank 2 bottles of water already today. I’ve counted my WW points. These are small steps, but they are MY steps and I did them today.

LJ will not have good care unless I do too. That means I have to get my health back on track. Why am I blasting it to the world? So ya’ll will hold me accountable. If you care about LJ, then you will give me the stink eye when I eat the chocolate-covered-fill-in-the-blanks.


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