Today is difficult. I love my life.

Today is difficult. It’s an emotional morning for me. I don’t believe I am a talented enough writer to be able to pull you into my shoes with words. I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

1 year ago today we found out that Lucy had a monster in her tummy (we didn’t know it was the ‘c’ word yet).

1 year ago my world turned upside down.

1 year ago my views on life changed forever.

Today I am waiting for blood test results to come back to let me know that the monster is still dead.

Today my husband was in the radio promoting the Robert Evans Pie Supper and Benefit Auction.

Today he thanked everyone on air who helped us last year.

I am blessed.

I am scared.

The fear still lives today.

I hate cancer.

I hate being scared.

I miss the bliss of never tasting “my daughter has cancer” coming out of my mouth.

I hate being paranoid about every fever, cough and ear infection.


God’s Got This.

Robert Evans Pie Supper and Benefit Auction
Caulfield Community Building
Saturday, February 27, 2016
5 p.m. Chili and Hot Dogs
6 p.m. Bluegrass, Gospel and Country Music
7 p.m. Auction

This is my goal for the day. You get what you give.

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