Part 2: Because you live in, have lived in or know West Plains…

Prop 1

Well the time has come to expand on the ever popular post: Because you live in, have lived in or know West Plains…

This time we will discuss, “What are people in West Plains tired of talking about, but won’t stop talking about it?”

  1. Should we vote on the Proposition 1/West Plains R7 Tax Levy?
  2. Why didn’t the new Richards High School tax levy pass?
  3. Bootleggers BBQ is finally open!
  4. How are we ever going to recoup the lost manufacturing jobs and Ryan’s closing?
  5. I really liked Gigi’s. I wish that restaurant didn’t close.
  6. Who is going to the cool church this year?
  7. When and where is the Post Office moving?
  8. We didn’t get a chance to complain about bad weather this winter, so now we will complain about the pollen.
  9. Seriously, Donald Trump might be our next President? Really.
  10. When will West Plains get a new welcome sign? Don’t worry kids, it’s coming.
  11. Yes, the stop light going out to K Highway is slow to change.

Am I missing anything?


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