My Legacy

My name has typically included a title/description/qualifier.

  • Melody, Chrisy’s little sister
  • Melody, Charles and Susie’s daughter
  • Melody, Ang Williams’s granddaughter
  • Melody, Billy Joe Tackitt’s granddaughter
  • Melody, Marc’s wife
  • Charlie’s mom (when I pick Charlie up at preschool)

A colleague called me at work last week and said, “I have a question and my wife put me up to this. Are you Lucy Jo’s mama?” My answer was obviously, “Yes.” Lucy had been on their prayer list at church throughout her treatment and his wife had recognized my last name while he was checking his email at home.

It was then that I was reminded that her cancer was bigger than me last year. It was then that I was reminded that her strength and courage reached beyond our family bubble. It was then that I realized that I will forever be remembered as Melody, Lucy Jo’s Mama. And that is A-OK with me. This time last year she was losing her hair, but still wore a smile. Now she is a little pistol with a head full of hair.

If my legacy is raising a strong cancer survivor, I think I can live with that!

Lucy before and after
She goes back for a routine checkup next Tuesday at Noon. She has shown no symptoms. However, I am still counting down until I hear from the doctors that everything is normal.

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