No Guarantees

Some days go by without much thought. Life happens and it’s just another day.

That’s how I used to live, but life post cancer is more precious. Easter is not just another holiday this year. It’s a holiday spent outside of the hospital, which is different than last year.

My best friend visited me.


My kids played outside and I didn’t worry about chemo making Lucy burn easily.




We dyed eggs.


Saturday ended eating fried fish and secret recipe hush puppies at my sister’s house. I don’t have pictures because we were too busy living.

Sunday began wearing our Easter best.


After church we gathered at my parent’s house for an egg hunt.

Both sides of my parent’s families joined us along with Marc’s parents.

My kids don’t know how lucky they are to have 3 set of grandparents all in one room, but I do.

I paid attention this year. The weekend did not fly by without a thought. I absorbed it. I did not take it for granted, because I know there are no guarantees.

There aren’t any guarantees today either as we are traveling to St. Louis Children’s Hospital for LJ’s checkup. I’m 99% sure everything is fine. Regardless, I am absorbing my time with my kiddos.




One thought on “No Guarantees

  1. My prayers and thoughts will be with you today! Such precious children. Love the glasses. They have STYLE!!!!!! ❤


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