Put on a Smile

Sometimes you just have to put on a smile. It’s not because you are upset and you don’t want anyone to know. It’s not because you are fighting tears. It’s not because you aren’t happy. Sometimes you just have to put on a smile because you are TIRED!

I’m not going to go through a to-do-list I have. Everyone has a to-do-list a mile long. I just want to point out the difference in my life through the 4 decades I’ve been alive (not quite 4, but you understand). I always thought when I get to this point in my life, my life will be simple. HA!

0-10 years old: learning and fun fun fun

11-20: learning, part-time jobs, dreaming about my future, fun, fun, fun

21-30: learning, obtaining degrees, getting married, having babies, climbing the ladder of life, fun fun

31-32: learning, wifing, adulting, taking care of babies (through sickness and in health), worrying about and taking care of family, building my career, trying new things, dreaming about side businesses, paying off student loans, saving for kiddos futures, busier than I’ve ever been, more tired than I’ve ever been, happier than I’ve ever been, excited about my future, fun

Do you see how the list gets bigger?! I’m tired. Sometimes I just have to smile through the exhaustion.

I know I’m not the only one. Here’s to all the fake smiles!



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