We Are Moving!

I thought this would get a couple clicks. That’s click-bate at its finest. (I know. It’s a no-no, but it can be fun at times.)

My husband and I decided to turn our lives upside down once again. Who needs another boring year, right? We are taking the leap and building a house that fits our lifestyles, habits and height requirements.

Our current house should be on the market to sell within a week. After it sells, we will start building our future homestead. This little adventure will probably take over my blog as this is no small task. Stay tuned!


The first steps to making a trail to Granny and Papa’s house.



This could be our view out the side deck.




2 thoughts on “We Are Moving!

  1. Good for you all. Building a house is an experience. Make sure you ask the builder questions. Ask while it is being built if you don’t understand something, ask.


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