About Melody

MelodyI grew up on a farm, but I love the city life. My Somo Life is about everything from the back 40 to downtown. That includes:

  • My nutty husband.
  • My two kids who are 21 months apart.
  • The fight against childhood cancer.
  • Playing with makeup and hair.
  • Weight loss, recipes and workouts.
  • Writing, communications, marketing and so on.

This blog is about My SOMO Life. #GodsGotThis

(Use the Contact Me Form to email me. I do check it daily. Scroll to the bottom to find me on social media. I will answer each question on a daily basis.)


3 thoughts on “About Melody

  1. My thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Anything you need, just call or send word and I will do everything I can to help. God Bless


  2. Prayers for you and your family! I’ve lived in Gatewood my whole life. My dad has been in Barnes at Siteman Cancer Center since before January so we’ve pretty much learned the ins and outs of the place, if you ever need help while you’re there I’d be glad to do what I could. I think of you all every time I walk past Children’s Hospital. Tip:children’s hospital has the best cafeteria, so I wouldn’t bother exploring the other. Another tip: the Jimmy Johns on Euclid delivers right to the patients door if you don’t want to go far.


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