We Are Moving!

I thought this would get a couple clicks. That’s click-bate at its finest. (I know. It’s a no-no, but it can be fun at times.)

My husband and I decided to turn our lives upside down once again. Who needs another boring year, right? We are taking the leap and building a house that fits our lifestyles, habits and height requirements.

Our current house should be on the market to sell within a week. After it sells, we will start building our future homestead. This little adventure will probably take over my blog as this is no small task. Stay tuned!


The first steps to making a trail to Granny and Papa’s house.



This could be our view out the side deck.




My Little Girl

The nurse put the turnicate around her arm and she just looked down at it. The child life specialist tried to distract her with a book and a magic wand toy. I saw the blue vein at the bend of her arm. I had my arm around her waist and held her tight. I held her wrist down. We all knew what was coming. I gritted my teeth  and closed my eyes. 

“Good job,” she said to the nurse.

I opened my eyes as he put the bandaid on her arm. No tears. No screaming. She didn’t even flinch. My baby who had a monster shoved in her belly is a beast herself!

Last time we were at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, we had a stroller, giant diaper bag, toys and the list goes on and on. This visit was much more simplified with just a small bag. 

Lucy had a chest X-ray. Last time she had one she laid down on the table. Apparently big girls sit up for X-rays. Ugh. Another example that my baby is gone and I have a little girl. 

She can reach the elevator buttons now too. I know… I’m being ridiculous. I can’t help it. 

Did I mention that this is the first time she slept with me instead of a Pack-N-Play in the room we stayed at last night? 

With all of my emotions running high, I’m relieved that Lucy’s AFP was less than 2. 

Ding Ding the monster is still dead. 

From SDC to STL

I have a lot of Christmas memories in my bank. They are probably like most memories — they mean more to me now than they did when we were making them. That changes when you become a parent. It changes even more when your child has been sick.

Marc and I took the kids to Silver Dollar City this weekend to make some Christmas memories. We soaked up every single minute.

We are back to reality today. My stomach is back in knots. We leave tonight to go back to St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Lucy will have her regularly scheduled visit in the morning. Blood tests. X-ray of her chest. No MRI this time. She has shown no signs of reoccurrence, but this Mama gets nervous every time. I don’t expect the nerves will ever go completely away.

As for now, we will relish in the simplicity of childhood during the Christmas season and not think about cancer.

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